Only one more sleep to go! First up for today and vying for the coveted title of Miss Universe Australia 2015 is the gorgeous La’Ace de Vries from Brisbane, QLD!

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La’Ace de Vries, 22, Brisbane QLD
Loves horse riding, painting, being outdoors

1. What is your favourite make up trend at the moment?
I am a huge fan of winged eyeliner and a red lip. I think it’s such a classic and romantic look. I really love using my Face of Australia Budge Proof Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black and my new favourite Lasting Looks Lip Crème in For-Red-Er and a Day from Face Of Australia.

2. What is your foolproof, never fail make up look?
I think you can never go wrong with a great brown smoky eye.  It really makes your eyes pop. I myself have quite thick brows, so grooming them is a must with any make up look. The High Definition Brow Kit from Face of Australia is such a great all rounder kit. Brows are so important for framing you face!

3. What product couldn’t you live without?
Black mascara! It’s the one product that I think everyone can’t live without.  From natural makeup to more glamorous looks, mascara is a must. I always apply a few coats for great lengths.  What girl doesn’t love long lashes?

4. What is your top beauty secret?
I love using different makeup, not just for its own purpose but mixing it up. I have used my Lipstick as a blush and my eye shadow to groom my brows. The great thing about makeup is that there are no rules, as long as you have fun and find what works for you. I love art and I find applying makeup as a type of art.

5. What’s next on your beauty wish list?
I always love a great lipstick, there are so many colours I could never have enough. To me, make up is a part of fashion so it’s always changing. I love keeping up with the seasons and following trends. Cosmetics are a great way to embrace your own style. Everyone has their own natural beauty and make up can help accentuate your features.

6. What is your biggest make up faux pas?
Not cleaning makeup brushes regularly.  I am shocked how many people don’t realise they need to keep their brushes clean. Clean brushes not only apply makeup better but also by not cleaning them you can spread germs and bacteria.

7. Who is your favourite past Miss Universe Australia winner?
I find that I relate most to Jesinta Campbell. She comes across as a friendly and down to earth person. I think she has become a great role model and has really used Miss Universe Australia as an amazing stepping stone to help create her as a great Australian Ambassador.

8. Who is your favourite Aussie designer?
My favourite Aussie designer would have to be Carla Zampatti.  I have done a few shows for her and have had the chance to personally meet her, she is so lovely.  Her gowns are just so elegant and timeless.

9. What is the main thing that you want to get out of this competition?
It’s amazing; a pageant gets you to reflect heavily on who you are and where you want to go.  The main thing I wanted to get out of this competition is clarity about the person I want to be and the confidence to pursue it at any costs.  I highly recommend everyone give it a go at least once in your life.

10. Tell us something that not many people know about you!
I am a massive outdoors girl but also love being a being a girly girl.  When I’m outdoors especially with my horses I don’t mind getting dirty and messy. At the same time I love to always be well groomed.  I think part of being a lady is the way you present yourself.

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