Next we’d like to introduce you to the stunning Madeline Cowe from Cairns, QLD!

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Madeline Cowe (Maddie), 22, Cairns QLD
Law Student & working part-time at a law firm
Loves anything outdoors! – snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, hiking, horse riding, tennis.

1. What is your favourite make up trend at the moment?
I love the natural, dewy, contoured look. It makes your skin look absolutely flawless and contouring gives amazing structure. The Mineral Therapy Illuminator range from Face of Australia cosmetics really tops this look off.

2. What is your foolproof, never fail make up look?
This depends on the occasion of course but I love a dark brown smoky eye with a more natural lip. I have hazel eyes so I add a purple eyeshadow with the browns which really makes my eyes pop. The Colour Max Eyeshadow Palette in Northern Lights from Face of Australia is perfect for this as it is made up of brown and purple shadows and even has a ‘how to’ smoky eye example on the back! I have the Gold Mine palette in the same range as well.

3. What product couldn’t you live without?
I’m cheating and saying tinted moisturiser and mascara. I don’t know how people could only choose one! I could list so many more haha

4. What is your top beauty secret?
I have just started exfoliating my skin with an electric brush, so it vibrates while it exfoliates your skin. My skin has never looked or felt smoother.

5. What’s next on your beauty wish list?
I have been eyeing off the Lumi-tint Illuminating Sticks from Face of Australia. I better get in quick though, they are limited edition!

6. What is your biggest make up faux pas?
I don’t even want to admit this but when I was younger I never extended my foundation down my neck. There is nothing worse than having a distinct line from your foundation right across your jawline. I have so many blending brushes now to prevent this from ever happening again!

7. What is the beauty look that you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
I am not a fan of the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip challenge look. I am lucky I was born with fuller lips but if you have thinner lips and want them to be fuller draw on your lips a little fuller with lipliner and then fill the rest with lipstick that matches but be careful not to overdraw! Face of Australia has a whole range of lipliners and lipsticks that match, its great!

8. Who is your favourite past Miss Universe Australia winner?
I have always loved Jesinta Campbell, her personality and beauty is unreal. I met her before and after she won the competition and she still had such a great down to earth attitude and definitely didn’t let fame get to her.

I am also friends with last year’s winner Tegan Martin. Tegan is the most lovely girl and she has so much passion for the Miss Universe Australia brand, she has done such a great job the last year as Miss Universe Australia.

9. Who is your favourite Aussie designer?
There are so many! I love Bec and Bridge and Maurie and Eve’s latest range was amazing. I am obsessed with Zimmerman’s clothing and swimwear ranges! I think it’s great that Australia has so many amazing designers, I could list so many more.

10. What is the main thing that you want to get out of this competition?
Other than becoming Miss Universe of course, I believe the experience and lessons I will learn will definitely be something I will never forget. Being surrounded by so many other amazing girls from all over Australia with different backgrounds and lifestyles is a really great chance to learn and grow as a person.

11. Tell us something that not many people know about you!
I grew up on a farm in a tiny town called Tully and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I love going home for the weekend, there is something so relaxing about it. It’s the most beautiful place.

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