Our next beauty is Kate van Bennekom from Cronulla in NSW!

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Kate van Bennekom, 20, Cronulla NSW
Journalist and Model
I love travel – I’m a total cultural chameleon. I love the outdoors – You’ll find me exploring, running or hitting the beach in every slice of spare time.

1. What is your favourite make up trend at the moment?
I’m a mega fan of black liquid liner, be it a sleek line across the lid for day wear or a sassy winged style for the evening.

2. What is your foolproof, never fail make up look?
Keep it natural! It’s always best to put what you naturally have on display, rather than trying to look like someone else. If you’ve got luscious lashes, show them off with some volumnous mascara, if you’ve got plump lips, show them off with a natural peachy gloss.

3. What product couldn’t you live without?
I couldn’t live without my mascara! I believe eyes are one of our most beautiful features, and adding a little mascara to the lashes really shows them off. Face of Australia does an awesome mascara, Glamorous Lashes Mascara, it’s perfect for maximum volume and coats each lash whilst separating and curling from the base.

4. What is your top secret?
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! In the morning when you wake up and in the evening before your head hits the pillow. This will keep your skin glowing, and staying younger for longer.

5. What’s next on your beauty wish list?
Definitely a new red poppy lipstick. Matte too! Nothing takes and outfit from casual to wow-wow like a dash of red lippy. Face of Australia’s Lip Quench Lipstick in Power Surge could definitely do the trick!

6. What is your biggest make up faux pas?
I used to OVER-DO my eyebrows! I’m all for filling in eye brows to make them look fuller, but don’t over do it. I used to and the way it looked was quite hilarious!

7. What is the beauty look that you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
To be honest, I actually cannot think of one. Because of my history in modelling, you learn to have a willingness to try new things…it’s a lot of fun!

8. Who is your favourite past Miss Universe Australia winner and why?
Rachael Finch for sure! She’s a world-class model, Miss Universe Australia titleholder, Channel 7 presenter, reality television star…but she still remains so humble and down to earth. She’s known for her charity involvement and her willingness to have a laugh at herself.

9. Who is your favourite Aussie designer?
I’m a sucker for Alex Perry’s designs, I even had my formal dress made to replicate a red dress he had Megan Gale model on the catwalk.

10. What is the main thing that you want to get out of this competition?
I believe Miss Universe Australia is an awesome platform for women with drive and ambition and a healthy outlook on life. I’m hoping MUA will be the perfect kick-start for me into a career of journalism and travel.

11. Tell us something that not many people know about you!
Mhmm this is hard because I’m a pretty open book! I used to be a massive tomboy! I would live in my brother’s clothes and play with all his toys, funny how far I’ve come!


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