And the last girl we’ll be introducing you to today is the gorgeous Alicia Maxwell who is also from Sydney NSW!

Alicia Maxwell MUA

Alicia Maxwell, 22, Sydney NSW
Full time University Student
Loves exercise and travel

1. What is your favourite make up trend at the moment?
For me it is all about fresh, healthy looking, dewy skin. Less is more, and I love makeup emphasising natural beauty without using heavy makeup.

2. What is your foolproof, never fail makeup look?
Adding to my answer above, I love always keeping my lips hydrated with a moisturising lip balm and a thin line of eyeliner to highlight and enhance my eyes.

3. What product couldn’t you live without?
I could not live without Face of Australia Lip Quench Lipstick SPF 30 in Lychee Crush. This luscious lipstick contains Jojaba Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, which both nourishes and hydrates my lips. Not only is this lipstick long lasting, it also contains SPF 30 which provides my lips with protection whilst out in the sun.

4. What is your top secret?
My top beauty secret is staying hydrated through drinking lots of water and always moisturising my skin and lips. Makeup always looks more fresh and natural when you have beautiful glowing skin to apply your makeup on.

5. What’s next on your beauty wish list?
Next on my beauty wish list is Face of Australia Bronzing Powder. Bronzing is becoming a new trend this winter as it provides the skin with an instant sun kissed glow, highlighting and contouring your cheekbones, to provide a dewy and natural glow. This powder is ultra-fine textured allowing for an easy and smooth application. I can’t wait to have one in my beauty bag!

6. What is your biggest make up faux pas?
Unblended foundation would definitely be my biggest make up faux pas. There are so many factors that contribute to your makeup looking perfect and unblended/uneven foundation is definitely the most noticeable. We have all been in this position, at one time or another, when you do your makeup in bad lighting or borrow your girlfriend’s foundation because you forgot yours, and it doesn’t blend with your skin tone. Remember to always check your makeup in natural light and blend down your neck for a seamless finish.

7. What is the beauty look that you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
I would never be caught wearing thick, heavy or dark makeup. I prefer having a natural, fresh glow in my skin; with light makeup only to enhance the features on my face not cover or change them. Dark eye makeup and lipstick is definitely something you will never see me wear as black is a fierce colour which doesn’t suit my complexion.

8. Who is your favourite past Miss Universe Australia winner?
I would definitely have to say Jennifer Hawkins. Jennifer won Miss Universe Australia when I was 11 years old and she is one of the reasons why I am competing in Miss Universe today. I aspire to work as hard as she did to take the national crown back, whilst using the title to help others as she has and furthermore work hard with the prestigious honour of being Miss Universe to become an inspirational role model for others.

9. Where is your favourite place to shop?
KOOKAÏ is an Australia owned women’s fashion label, defined by an essence of femininity, confidence, allure and independence. The clothes designed within KOOKAÏ are fashionable, high quality pieces at an accessible price. For me KOOKAÏ provides an opportunity to embrace my individuality whilst expressing my personality through my wardrobe.

10. What is the main thing that you want to get out of this competition?
The Miss Universe Australia pageant provides young women with the opportunity to discover their strengths and perfect them, whilst realising your weaknesses and transforming them into strengths. Being involved in such a prestigious competition provides me with absolute confidence, allowing me the chance to show off my unique qualities to the rest of Australia. Ideally to complete the Miss Universe Australia experience I would love to finish off with the beautiful crown on top of my head 🙂

11. Tell us something that not many people know about you!
For people who don’t know me, you would see me as your typical girly girl. I love keeping up to date on each new fashion trend, involving hair, nails and makeup. During my early teens and ever since I was a little girl, I have only ever owned and worn skirts and dresses however under this exterior I am actually quite adventurous and sporty. Most people would never know that I was actually a state runner and high jumper, cross country and athletics school champion and even participated in triathlons.

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