Next up for the title of Miss Universe Australia 2015 is the beautiful Claire Parker from Sydney NSW!

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Claire Parker, 23, Sydney NSW

Loves singing, playing piano and guitar, reading, designing and making my own clothes, working out, volunteering with Rescue Cat Project.

 1. What is your favourite make up trend at the moment? 

I am obsessed with contouring at the moment! When done correctly it makes such a huge difference to your face! The Face of Australia Glamazon Leopardess Contour Kit is an absolute staple in my makeup kit, it’s got the perfect shades of highlights and shadows for my complexion, although I’m devastated because I think it was a limited edition product and mine’s nearly run out now! Nooo!

 2. What is your foolproof, never fail make up look? 

Glowing, dewy skin, dramatic smoky eye with a slick of Face of Australia Budgeproof Gel Eyeliner and a nude lip is my go to look 9 times out of 10!

 3. What product couldn’t you live without? 

The Face of Australia High Definition Brow Kit! Good eyebrows can really make or break your look, they just frame your face so nicely even if you’re not wearing much makeup that day, so keep your brow game strong ladies!

 4. What is your top beauty secret? 

Coconut oil. I am OBSESSED with it at the moment! I have a huge jar of organic cold pressed coconut oil in my bathroom cupboard and I use it for everything! Body and face moisturizer, put it in your hair as a treatment, massage it into your nails/cuticles for strong nails, I even use it as a mouth wash! Oil pulling is really good for oral health!

 5. What’s next on your beauty wish list? 

Well since my Contour Kit has just about run out I think I’m going to have to add some of the Lumi-tint Illuminating Sticks and Pressed Powder Bronzers to my wish list!

 6. What is your biggest make up faux pas? 

Not matching my foundation to the skin on my body when wearing fake tan so my face was about 5 shades lighter! I’ve definitely learnt from that mistake!

 7. What is the beauty look that you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
Look I’ve had some pretty weird and wacky makeup looks done on me for photoshoots in the past so I’m pretty open to experimentation, but when doing my own makeup I try to keep it pretty fresh and classy, you wouldn’t catch me pairing a bright red lip with a bright blue eyeshadow!

 8. Who is your favourite past Miss Universe Australia winner?
That’s a tough one! All the girls have represented our country so well and have gone on to achieve so many personal successes but I think I’d pick Jesinta Campbell. She just has that undeniable glow about her, she’s one of those people that lights up a room when she walks in and when she speaks you want to hang on her every word which I think really embodies the whole idea that beauty is more than just skin deep and is probably why she was voted as Miss Congeniality at the international competition!

9. Who is your favourite Aussie designer?
Oh there are too many to name just one! I ADORE the gorgeous couture designers like Steven Khalil and Alex Perry that really embody just that classic, decadent beauty in their designs. On the flip side I also love those more quirky, young, fun brands like Ixiah and Dyspnea. I can’t really afford to shop at any of them as such, but a girl can dream!

10. What is the main thing that you want to get out of this competition?
To be honest, to have made it this far, met and befriended the incredible people I have, the opportunities I’ve been given, the memories and experiences I’ll never forget and seeing that I’ve been able to push myself to achieve more than I’d ever imagined, I’ve already gained everything I could possibly want to. Anything more from here on is just the icing on the cake!

 11. Tell us something that not many people know about you!
I’ve come from a very musical background, all my family are musical in one way or another, I sing, play the guitar and the piano but when I was in year 7 I decided I wanted to learn how to play the harp because my school had the most beautiful, golden harp in the orchestra. So I had a year of harp lessons and at the end of the year we had to do a student performance, I got up there to play my song and halfway through completely forgot it! I was so mortified I never played the harp again haha!


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